Trust is a word we live by

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Having been in business for almost 45 years, we understand the importance of knowing what you stand for in the marketplace.  Over the years, our core values and beliefs have not changed.   Following our 40th anniversary celebration we were able to document and identify exactly what these value statements were (click here to read).

Recently, we felt that it would be important to sum up what Zip Signs represents in a short tagline to effectively broadcast our differentiation point in the industry.    We held an internal competition to allow the employees to pick a tagline that best represents us.   We feel proud to announce our new tagline:  “Trust is a word we live by.”

Trust is something that is earned.   We believe that the best relationships are built with trust at their foundation.   This applies with clients, with vendors, internally with co-workers, with sub-contractors and everyone we have relationships with.   Thanks to all of you, we remain a strong and dependable organization.


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