How Important is Sign Maintenance?

It takes hard work and intelligent planning to build an identity for a company. Yet that important first impression, the sign displaying corporate graphics, is often taken for granted with little concern given to its appearance after installation.

A properly maintained sign gives you an important opportunity to make a good impression on your customers.

Your signs were produced with the finest materials and construction methods to insure that they will last as long as possible and require the least amount of maintenance. Proper installation is a must for a long lasting sign as well as safety. Your signs have been installed by a professional crew and are made of the best materials available. Your sign maintenance company should be instructed to replace any damaged or worn parts with equivalent quality parts and to install all fasteners as per the original installation.

All signs should be properly maintained and kept in good condition. Wind can cause major damage. During windstorms, check for loose faces or movement in the framing or flashings.   Have any loose parts secured immediately. You don’t want to be responsible for a flying sign that damages someone’s property or cause bodily injury.

The sign structure should be maintained in a weather tight, secure and safe condition at all times.  All parts and surfaces should be cleaned, painted or replaced as necessary to maintain the original appearance.   Electrical systems should be maintained in a safe condition at all times.  Vegetation and other obstructions should be trimmed or removed so that the sign is not obscured or damaged.

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