After 41 years, Zip Signs formalizes Mission, Vision, Values.

After celebrating our 40th anniversary last year, we decided to formalize our Mission, Vision and Values Statements.   Having just completed our 5 year strategic planning process, we were able to really understand where we came from, what we represent, and where we want to go.   We are proud to announce the following:

Mission Statement:
Zip Signs is committed to honestly and dependably delivering the best quality signage to our customers.

Vision Statement:
To be the premier signage provider in Canada.

 Value Statements:
1)  We value honesty with our customers, agents, suppliers, and employees.
2)  We are determined to manufacture and deliver quality products.
3)  We pride ourselves on our dependability, flexibility and organizational strength to satisfy our customers changing needs and demands.
4) We care about our people and empower our employees to maximize their potential.
5) We believe in creating a fair and reasonable return to our stakeholders.
6) We respect the community and world we operate in by acting in a socially responsible  manner through charitable giving and environmentally sustainable initiatives.

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